by Cold Hearted

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released April 16, 2013

Recorded by Frankie Mariano
Released via Life to Live Records



all rights reserved


Cold Hearted Pensacola, Florida

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Darkness falls all around me.
I strive for the light, can’t be held down.
You let your demons get you,
Giving up everything you had.

Like clay to the potter,
You are to your master.
Your wheel of death is spinning
Faster and faster.

You made your choice, you broke the pact.
Now on you, I turn my back.
I refuse to lose my head
As I cling to the edge.
Track Name: LUNACY (R.I.P.)
Look reality in the fact
And let your instincts dominate.
Now your mind has the upper hand
But you refuse to understand.

Hearing voices, seeing faces, all from deep within.
Closer and closer to isolation but still you just can’t win.

Lunacy. Rot in peace.

Tranquil thoughts have turned sadistic, led by your aggression.
A list of all who’s out to get you has become your new obsession.

I know it’s hard to ignore, but I just can’t take it anymore.
Track Name: NEW LIFE
Looking for somewhere to point the blame.
Refusing reality due to shame.
I haven’t been the man I’m called to be.
I haven’t been the man you raised me to be.

Thank you for giving me
The life you never had the chance to see.
I’ll pay you back someday, somehow.
I just wanted to make you proud.

I just want to thank you.
You gave me a life you never got to see.
Turned your back on the ones you love.
Fueled by selfishness and greed.
Gone too far to turn back now,
Down your path of destruction.

You made your deal with the devil,
Now you have to dig your grave.
Death will tuck you in.
You made your bed, now lie in it.
Track Name: BROKEN MAN
Down and out in this race of life,
Can’t ever catch a break.
As soon as I see some light,
I’m buried in blame.
Reaching up to touch rock bottom,
I continue to fade.
The days are darker, the nights are longer
And I can’t seem to get away.

I can’t get away
From these demons haunting me.

I’m screaming out.
My voice fades out.
Can you hear me now?

Reach out your hand for a broken man.